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/ 22 Sep, 2020
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[Replay] Chocolate battle pairing

White or red? 70 or 90 percent cocoa? In conjunction with ASI, the International Sommelier Association, 3 of the world’s top sommeliers – Reeze Choi, Taku Iguro, Andrea Martinisi – have each selected some unique and outstanding wines that will pair to perfection with an exceptional product: chocolate. Which of these sommeliers will achieve the perfect pairing? As members of the audience, you will be asked to judge our experts’ wine & chocolate pairings, and to vote for the sommelier whose combination you liked best!

Reeze Choi, 2017 China’s Best Sommelier, ASI 2018 Asia-Oceania 2nd Best Sommelier
Andrea Martinisi, New Zeland’s Best Sommelier, ASI 2018 Asia-Oceania 5th Best Sommelier
Taku Iguro, 2020 Japan’s Best Sommelier, ASI 2018 Asia-Oceania 4th Best Sommelier
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