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/ 01 Jul, 2021
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[Replay] Tech for good: which innovations can help produce and consume more sustainably? Presented by the WineTech & Vinocamp

From producers to consumers, many applications help reduce the wine and spirit industry’s impact on the environment. This session provides an overview of solutions by the ecosystem of innovative Made in France start-ups.

Camille DENOY, Chief Marketing Officer, Les Grappes
Damien  BISCARRAT, Sales Manager, Oé
Rodolphe MONDIN, Chairman, Mondin 
Laurent DAVID, Chairman La WineTech 
Arnaud DAPHY, Co-Organizer Vinocamp

De la production au consommateur, de nombreuses applications aident à réduire l'impact de la filière vins & spiritueux sur l'environnement. Tour d'horizon des solutions de l'écosystème de start up innovantes Made in France.

Camille DENOY, Directrice Marketing et communication, Les Grappes 
Damien  BISCARRAT, Responsable Commercial, Oé 
Rodolphe MONDIN, Président, Mondin 
Laurent DAVIDPrésident La WineTech 
Arnaud DAPHY, Co-Organisateur Vinocamp
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