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I confirm I have read and possess a copy of the General Terms and Conditions of Participation, the General Terms and Conditions of Sale for Communication Tools, and I accept all the clauses without restriction or reservation.

I will also read through all the information about the details of my participation in the Show and will comply with all its provisions.

I will take out, with an insurance company, at least ten (10) days before the scheduled Show set-up phase, all necessary insurance policies to cover my legal liability as well as that of any person participating directly or indirectly in my business activities and/or those of my company, for any bodily injury, property damage and consequential loss caused to third parties during their participation and/or my company's participation in the Show (including during the set-up and break-down phases). Upon request, I will provide the Organiser with the corresponding current insurance certificate from my insurer stating the cover taken out, the sums involved and the period of validity. Failing this, the Organiser reserves the right to refuse me access to the Show, without this action giving me any right to compensation.

I acknowledge that, if my application to participate in the Show is approved by the Organiser, I will definitively be bound to participate in the Show. Failing that, I must pay a sum to the Organiser, in the name of the penalty clause, of 100% of the total price of my participation in the Show.

I hereby request to be registered as an Exhibitor at Vinexpo Meetings Bordeaux 2022 and declare having the due authorisations and powers necessary to enter into a contract for this registration.

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